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Auto Racing

Cheap and Easy, the way we like it.
Over 250 teams, first place wins $1,000
Drafting teams in February
Dale Earnhardt League


Drafting in August
Two 12-team, head-to-head keeper leagues
Walter Payton League
Barry Sanders League
Season Challenge - Cheap & Easy
John Elway League


Sorry, not currently available
Hope to return someday


Sorry, not currently available
Hope to return someday

Who is the SportsJunkie?
Just one guy, a sports fan like many others. I am not a billion dollar corporation with a team of programmers, and cutting edge hardware and software to give everyone the most exhilarating web and fantasy sports experience with real-time scoring.
I am just a sports fan that is into the stats, with no formal training in programming or web design (I am sure you noticed), using the cheapest (free) software I can get, who enjoys doing this in my spare time. I don't use stat services or league managers.
Thank you for sharing in my spare time.
 - The SportsJunkie

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